Decoding Weather

12:05 PM

When the code for daily weather was being written down, an incrementing variable was introduced for Chennai, India. 

varWeather = hot;
varWeather = varWeather +1;

This for loop dips only when the season refreshes itself and sets the initial variable to 0. In other words I know its hot today, it would tend to mean that it is hotter tomorrow. Ah there is a heavy downpour today. Schools close. Yay! What do we see the other day? Yes, I hear you.

It is the same for Bengaluru, India, except that the increment is not by 1. But by a smaller variable. And it begins with

varWeather = chilly;

But no, not with Enschede, the Netherlands.

It is almost like someone wrote the script and sent it to the Testing team. The testing team threw in a random number generator to test the code. And sent it off to production without removing that. Developers - You can imagine!!

The result was Enschede can’t simply make up its mind. It doesn’t know whether it should rain or it should shine. A cloud of doubt always hangs over. (Desperate Puns!!)

The same could be extended to the Netherlands. Trust me when I say I have seen hail, rain, breeze, sunshine and snow in the SAME day. The random number loop runs at random intervals.

Isn’t weather such an unpredictable and beautiful thing? It is so crazy that it makes up for the lack of hills here. 

Ah! Spring in Netherlands must be wonderful, you might say. Darned rains, the foreigners say.

To Coffee and the free flowing … thoughts, I mean thoughts. 

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