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When I go through my blog, read each of my articles, I get this dire feeling that I am being too grumpy about everything around me. That I be fussy about this that this. Dark Evil Devilish Mind? No, I’m just being Indian. So for a change, I thought I’d cut it down in this article, but not mute it entirely, because I pretty much seem to relate myself to demoting concepts rather than blowing up their praises. Yes, being Indian! (You seem to be getting along pretty well).

Now, our dear Traffic (Non Edible) Jam.

Look at a Traffic (Non Edible) Jam and do something different. Imagine it to be something else. Let your imagination run haywire, unruly.

Now, what I thought of, while looking at the traffic, was a jar. No, not a jar of like beans as in the Bus Analogy, this time a jar of several differently shaped beans. Big, Fat, Medium, Thick, Small, Puny. I imagined, the entire honking, smoking, hot traffic as if it were contained within a jar.
Relative Size Grading, Smaller bikes analogous to smaller beans, Larger trucks analogous to heavier ones, or maybe as small pebbles in the jar which are larger than the beans. You’d find all the smaller beans settle on top of the jar, just like the LMVs manage to snake their way through the traffic and end up a little beyond the Zebra Crossing, in case you found one. Its common in India, where limits do not define limits, deadlines do not define deadlines, they rather tell us when to start working or how far we can stretch our legs into. The heavier beans or pebbles or trucks/cars/vans find it difficult to penetrate the Traffic and hence remain so.

Also, these tiny beans or LMVs each with a proud BAJAJ ™ or HONDA ™ on it, can be found stuck between heavier pebbles or rather between trucks. Nowhere to move, nothing to be done, except cover up the eyes and nose to save it from the truck exhaust.

The Bean Jar Analogy (BJA) is seriously flexible, trust me! You can relate all its minute arrangements to the situation you are dealing with. For example, here, it doesn’t stop with relating itself to the placement of the vehicles compared to its size but also shows us that the line at front cannot be perfectly parallel to the bottom of the Jar, or in other words, the first line of the Traffic ( Non Edible) Jam cannot be perfectly defined as straight, toe in arrangement, rather it seeks entropy. In case you haven’t grasped my statement, I’d put it as thus, the nose of all the vehicles at front doesn’t fall in line, it is rather irregular, ups and downs, some stepped a little back, rest a little further, some facing east, others west. Just like the beans at the top of the jar finds itself placed as if on a still photo like wave. Random Entropy Settlement.

Going ahead with the BJA, what do you think will happen when I tilt the bottle completely? Or to put it in this way, switch the traffic lights to Green or not necessarily Green, cause in India it is Okay to pass when the road is clear, lights irrespective. What will happen? Let me say, the bottle lets out its contents, sending out the smaller ones rushing up the front, followed by the big moaning ones. And slowly the bottle empties, the Traffic (Non Edible) Jam clears.

If you had worked on it, the Traffic (Non Edible) Jam can also be compared to a soda(fizzy drink) bottle.
Here the bubbles represent the smaller LMVs, that find its way through the fluid to rest on top of the liquid. But the Soda Bottle Analogy (SBA) is presumably weaker in explaining the other effects of the Traffic (Non Edible) Jam as opposed to BJA.

But our BJA suffers from setbacks too. Demerits, Disadvantages.
Our BJA fails to correlate our Traffic (Non Edible) Jam problem statement when properly shaken and set.
When you look at the Traffic (Non Edible) Jam, the volume of the Traffic is comparatively more bulky, thicker at the place where the LMVs are more in number and less dense as the traffic trails behind. But the BJA wishes to differ, a properly shaken, set Jar will be loosely arranged at the top, where the smaller beans prevail rather than at the bottom where it is more crowded. A glitch in the BJA.

So far so good though.

And so, sealing this article with this line, the world around us would be a pinchful more fun, if we start relating our daily monotonous happenings to something else that closely or even vaguely resembles it in a more fun way. Haywire Thoughts

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6 repercussions

  1. Dark Evil Devilish Mind...being Indian...oh not again! Don't generalise Indians I say!yeah, its your blog and you have the say...but its my opinion! i liked the 'non edible' part of this JAM which is unlike our Just-A-Minute,stuck to the roads for hours together! Haywire Hypothesis- The BJA and SBA are nice to picturize! Another dimension to this creative blog...

  2. Zaid:

    Great thoughts but then a wee bit difficult to follow if actually in a situation like you have mentioned.

    Glad to have met you yesterday.

    Keep blogging. All the best.

    Joy always,

  3. let me give another perpestive. Traffic Jam is similar to an upset stomach. It is waiting to poop whether you give a green signal of not :D hehehe

  4. Hey Zaid, so so happy for you. CONGRATS and big hugs for being selected for a stage adaptation.

    Wohooo. Someone I know has been selected and I am so happy.

    When is the treat? You have to treat me.

    Best wishes,

  5. Woah Deborah, its splendid to see your response, trust me i got goosebumps:)
    bdw, treat, sureo, tell where we can meet up:)
    And thanx a bunchful for that.. A great deal lot:)

  6. How was the performance? Are you happy with the staging? Give me details, please.



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