And there was hope…

5:20 PM

Ok, do me a favor. Sit tight and follow my line of thought. As I narrate.

Imagine you are the subject of an experiment. Not a simple one but a torturous, confining, sense depriving and what not one. You are this completely restless god of nonsense. Playing air guitar, air drum, air keyboard just to keep your fingers busy and also secretly attract attention even though everyone knows you dont know a thing about any of it. So you being this sort of a person, you are asked to sit still, motionless and statue form. To record your EEG, they said. And no, not the eyeballs too, close your eyes and stare at blank infinity-ness was what they wanted. You had no other option but to say yes.

And no, that’s not all. You sit like that, for like 3 hours solid. And people around play with you (Just the head). You have to sit and keep in control every urge that forces yourself to jump up and pull out all the wires and take a shot at every one around you smiling, talking and more irritatingly MOVING.

And the procedure begins, like on and on. Readings taken, deleted, re taken. Power cuts, coffee breaks, small talks, fun they had. Every single time they spoke, your heart beat rises, grows upto knocking off away from the pericardium. And your hands grow so killersome and life taking deadly. But you wait… forever…

And so it goes, until something you loved was given to you. They gave music. Hard, stone crunching Rock. And I dunno what they saw on my EEG, but I felt it. My eyeballs had RR-REM. Really Rapid-Rapid Eyeball Movement. I felt freedom, like for the first time in years. I felt a gate opening to all the agitations inside me. I felt something rush through my entire inside, nooks and cranies included. I felt goosebumps, here, there and everywhere. I felt free. I felt life.

Now, that was what kept me drugged and steady patient for the next hour, where they were satisfied with using well their guinea pig.

To Inquisition and all the creative mechanism they devised.

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4 repercussions

  1. ROFL :D :D :D Believe me, there were 14 raised eyebrows for your hard rock EEG!

  2. the words created a picturesque!! I could visualize as well as feel..

  3. actually u see ur signals were more "steady" for us to make a "study" feel proud that u r igniting our minds without opening ur mouth n..just by ur signals !!!


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