Touch !

6:26 PM

Senses. Five of them. Vision, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch

Touch. A simple yet brilliant phenomenon.

The sensory receptors present under the skin perceive anything that applies a pressure over it or heats it.

Imagine two such receptors sensing each other, in close contact. Skin over skin. The perfect warmth of a human body, the right amount of squeeze, with arms wrapped around, and faces in front, this is called an Embrace or Hug.

Surprisingly the event has a tad more flavor and taste when the two parties involved are kept away for a long time, where time t, tends to infinity. And when you finally meet, and the distance d tends to zero, exchange of heat (H), pressure (P) and emotions (Em) take place irrespective of the mass (m) of the bodies involved.

Em = 1/d * ∑ (H + P) t,
where at t = ∞; d=0, Em is max.

The equation also clearly states that as the two approach each other, the Emotional state of the bodies is accelerated to the maximum possible limit by either bodies as all the five senses add to the acceptance of the presence of the person close to you.

The days of wait to meet your long seen add up to that intense emotional transfer between you. The long hug that you give your mom or close friend wakes you up. Deep rooted love engulfs over the touch that both of you are involved in.

And when you look at that person as you get closer or run towards them, that simple smile, that long lost fragrant blossoming around them, that air of familiarity is still handicapped without that single magic touch.

After you have smiled and played back those memories many times enough, don’t you understand now, why touch phones flourish in the market. Vision and Touch. Yet still, nothing can replace the warmth of being cocooned in another’s arms, safe and secure or even the warmth of enclosing someone within your arms.  

To Huggs that make you long for and miss the moment.

To Closeness that comes through years of understanding. 

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4 repercussions

  1. :) wow!!! TOO GOOD.. the best description I've heard so far.. !! keep going.. waiting to read more

  2. SERIOUSLY too good da!! Romba feel panni ezhuthi iruntha mathiri iruthuthu ;)

  3. Good one! TOUCH is a very powerful message! People have very strong feelings about being touched and that needs to be respected!! (Your equation sums that up):)


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