Why do I Blog?

10:47 AM

Why do I write? I asked this question one day or to tell the truth, came across a blog where the blogger had asked himself. So I did the obvious, adapt!!(No, not copy or plagiarize you moron, adapt!!). And so I went on, Why do I need to express myself in word form. Is that my only lifeline? My only visible talent I seem to have? Or is it cause I am a chicken, not wanting to face the world directly? Or that my thought processes takes a long time for me to churn out what I am thinking and what my stand is in that matter? Or is it that I am shy and an introvert?

Writing makes me feel whole. I sometimes give a very vague describe of what I am talking about, but the way I choose my words, way I align its flow, gives me the satisfaction of being whole. Makes me happy to read, re-read, re-re-read my work and let the feedback sink in. The feeling you get when you are done unloading after being on a full bladder for hours. Bliss.

Miss D’ asked me one day, what’s your passion in life. Passion, hmmm passion!! What was it anyway? I am a guy living on the delicacies of life. I’d also describe as letting the waves wash me where it feels like to. And so, why did I need passion? That was my attitude. I know it’s sad. But live the moment, the future will take of itself, that’s my motto. I give up easily while trying to work over something. On something that requires me putting an effort, eventually I give up trying to try.

Maybe that’s why… maybe that’s the reason why. It fits doesn’t it? All stuff that comes with a little hardwork, can play its own game as I sit back and watch the show. I take stuff easy, and writing comes easy. I come, I see, I’m inspired. (Note that I don’t even take pains to look for an inspiration. I need it on my plate and served to me in morsels… rolled up and easy to chew.) And so, I sit back, propped against something, a wall or a cupboard or a sofa or a bed and place my laptop on my lap (that’s why it’s called so) and let my fingers do the talking. Blah blah blah blah… and, yes I’m lovin’ it. Its finger lickin’ good too. 

It’s what one needs isn’t it. One would love to. Having passion as his mainstream. That’s when you actually hit the jackpot. Would I? Oh mon dieu, I have to ‘work’ for that too.

Well at the end of the day, it’s just about me! and thank you Miss D' for this idea

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4 repercussions

  1. Good that you've realised you need to work to make your passion as your mainstream.. Nice piece of writing.. DEFINES IRFAN!!

  2. \m/ i live through my blogs.. Ha!!

  3. passion!! that reminds me of this qoute...
    "Our passion are the true phenix.... when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes."

  4. Hmm..okay..I get it! 'give up trying to try'-that's me too. Nice question -Why do I blog? Oh apart from all the reasoning that you have brought out, I "see" it as..a form of media? a sub-class or Clause - if people don't like to 'class' out things.


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