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Games are simple. Their goals are defined. And you know how you would end up eventually. Mostly not dead.

I wish life was too. Life, world etc has already been compared to games and plays. There is truth in those statements.

We are each born into a culture. With prefixed perceptions and ideals. We are taught that the ideals that you are born into is always valid. Logically valid, but sound? As we grow older, we either add more ideals into our treasure trove or slowly shed the burden, one by one. And at every moment, the world is re-painted with a misty tint. You cannot view the story in different shoes or change the protagonist as in a game. There is only one shoe and you are standing in it.

Life comes with principles just as Games come with upgrades and Level-Ups. With each upgrade, you are open to several new options in the game. For example, a health upgrade usually lets you stay alive for longer, a weapons upgrade allows you to hold more weapons.

But life, not so. With each principle that you hold, your views, options are restricted. Being a vegetarian, you lose the option of having meat. Moreover, being a vegan, your options are further limited to a non lactose diet. Being a non vegetarian and a Muslim, pork/alcohol becomes a huge no-no. But these are that which defines us as a character in the game.

Is it a boon or a bane?

Well, it depends. For, principles stand on the verge of our consciousness. A threadbare string of knowing. Unlike a game, a principle can be changed at any moment. You do not need to reach a set target or collect a certain number of gems for that case.

Once you achieve the required number of trophies and collectibles, you end the game as an average player. For you to be an excellent player, it requires you to add extra hours into the game, collecting hidden trophies and finding Easter eggs. Do that, and you can boast as a star player among your friends.

But then, what does it take to be a good person?

To the Ups and Downs in life. 

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