A year in Chillsville

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   Bengaluru – The Silicon Valley of India was my holiday for a year. A holiday from home and responsibilities. It all began with the envelope from Cognizant. When it arrived, it came along with a spicy sweet notion of me having to travel.

Travel – Bring it on I say, but the thought of staying away for God knows how long in a foreign city gave me the creeps. Yes it is a foreign city. A city where it’s bloody cold all the time. A city where prettiness was abundant. A city that goes to bed by ten o clock no matter what the day of the year was. Yes, weirdness all of them.  

The high of this city is its mundane richness that it provides so comfortably amidst greenery and a cooler climate. But I am a guy who prefers sweats to chills, mind you! Bengaluru greets you with fog infused sun rays that tickle you up from sleep like a mother waking up her new born. But dare wake up before the sun and you go all buzzer deaf in your ears with that ear invading chill.

And I checked the check box almost all professionals seem to tick these days. Being the IT guy. My encounter with the IT kind was grandiose. Towering buildings, Reach-n-Grab fast food counters and never ending pathways. It seemed like the entire Bengaluru came here for their day and night jobs. Like planktons in an ocean.

And not to forget the sinfully pretty roads. Yes I am not talking about the traffic jams. Ignore them, and you find yourself in such a beautiful city. It makes you think you became rich wherein the city quietly sips off your funds in ways Chennai would have never dreamt off.

The Sky Bar at UB tower, Metro rail, MG road, Cubbon Park, Bannerghata Park and a sports resort were all the check boxes that have been ticked.

Traffic? Please move on.

Food. In. Bengaluru. Oh! Mahn! Its to DIE for. The themes, the cuisines, the locales and for many other crazy reasons, I give it to Bengaluru. From the Mosque Road’s roadside specialties to Posh Island themed restaurants, Bengaluru gives you a lot of options.

Did you know that the maximum any Tom, Dick or Harry can charge for a movie ticket in Chennai is 120/- tops. Note. MAXIMUM. Now switch to Bangalore. Prices start from 150. I mean. Like. Whateva. Hail Pirate Bay. I can buy a 16 Mbps internet plan at cheaper prices and suck the living soul out of any movie.

Guess what construction companies do during their tea breaks. Build malls. Hey, there is a farm on the outskirts of Bangalore. Lets build a mall. Hey, there is free land in my back yard. Lets build a mall. Hey I forgot my phone at home. Lets build a mall. No, I wasn't getting carried away.  

Autowalas? I don’t know what people hate about them so much, but having stayed in Chennai for a fat duration, I pity them. I almost blurted out “That much only a!” during the first few days in the city, but slowly the locale’s irate seemed to rub on to me.

The people here are very hard to judge. Bangalore, is like a huge bowl of mixture. You find number plates all the way from Russia to Australia.OK FINE! From all over India. The city showcases the entire Indian demographic.

Bengaluru – I thank you for all the memories and fun that you have given me. In short it was quite a pleasant stay. Stay classy.

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