Trip to Andaman - Day 3

5:48 PM

The third day started off at 8 something. It was our last day of stay at the hotel in Port Blair. After vacating our rooms, we had time to kill before the ferry at 12 something to another island called Havelock. After another breakfast buffet on the house, we started off to the local science museum. Apparently having arrived early, we loitered around the spot. The museum was atop a hill and it steeps down to meet the sea. Rocks were put in jagged and menacing parallel rows facing the sea. There were migratory birds flying around. A soft drizzle appeared and the coconut trees swayed towards the sea. Shrubs had been erected and dried bamboo was used to protect it from grazing animals. We could see the Ross island through the fog on the other end of the sea. The museum finally opened and we spent an hour or so there. It was a small museum that housed practical models of basic physical laws and couple of ocean models of se wave formation and so on. A proper school kid kind of museum. 

When it was time, we started to the Directorate of Shipping Services where passenger and cargo vessels were docked. Tickets had to be pre booked. Our vessel was named M V Strait Island. It was a magnificent three floor/deck ferry. It could accommodate 74 people in the main passenger area and 20 more below. We entered into the passenger area, complete with AC and rounded windows that let us glimpse a little of the sea. The ship started sailing and pulled slowly away from the ocean. As the ship moved, it carved a way in the sea for itself and pulled it away from the beautiful sketches and landscapes. A perfect Nat Geo motion picture was running in 3D. We went up to the main deck, and inspite of the drizzle that clothed us, we stood there excited. My sister got a little high and started dancing to her own tunes.

My parents fancied seeing a submarine and clicked pictures. After having had recorded ample snaps and video, I retired to get a good noon nap. Havelock was only 38 km from Port Blair, but it took us 3 hours to reach the place. It also stopped for a while at Neil Island in between. A little while later, we docked into another forlorn white sand beach where people where waiting at a bridge to board the ship. They were going back to the main land.  

My tryst with a hill town. Havelock was far less adequate in infrastructure as compared to Port Blair. The roads had potholes for one; people depended on generators for electricity, and we had a jeep for a ride. Oooh, sexy it was.

After a 20 min ride we reached our resort. Yes sir, beach side ones. Perfect landscaping, rows of cottages, green and brown splashed up; it was brilliant. Refreshing ourselves, we started off to Radhanagar Beach; which was actually due the next day. We simply thought we could grab some other event the next day. Everyone claimed the beach was Asia’s second largest beach. It was a long stretch of white sand. There was a turtle hatchery but I guessed it wasn’t season yet as there were none in it. My parents went on to wet their legs in the slow waves that gushed ashore. My brother and me wanted to check out as far as we could before the beach could be closed at 5:30. Yes sir, no lamps, so it warranted the need to wrap up before sun down.

There was a small lagoon sorta lake nearby. Clear water that harboured many a tadpole and several marsh living shrubs. Close by there was an outpost that resembled ones in AOE. A high rise bamboo structure looked a perfect romantic spot if only the sun had gone down and there was a little stubborn lighting. Nevertheless, we spied our parents from atop.
Beside the outpost a eerie one stretch road snaked its way between trees and a forest farm. We went as far as we could, it was lonely a bit and then the excitement died down. So we turned around and came out to clear the place for now. There were hawkers nearby and my mom quenched her never dying thirst to shop for her sisters.

And it was thus for the day. We had a scrumptious dinner and sat by the chairs by the beach and swung in a bamboo chair hung to a tree. And that was another account of another beautiful day. 

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